Prime Minister: we have excellent innovative solutions

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In the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met the representatives of Pelixar S.A., a company offering innovative solutions in unmanned aviation systems. It was a chance to emphasise the growing position of the Polish creative sector and the opportunities for its development both on the domestic market and abroad.

Drone power

The Prime Minister stated that "Poland can be a drone power". As he added, drones have a number of very interesting applications, e.g. they can effectively monitor various industrial equipment and help save human lives. He also stressed the importance of using drones in ensuring the best possible air quality.

Innovations - the future of the Polish economy

The head of the government encouraged Polish entrepreneurs, public administration institutions and services such as the police to take an interest in domestic products, as in Poland we have excellent innovative solutions that can be used comprehensively.

He also noted that entrepreneurs from all over the world are interested in the solutions offered by Polish businesses.

As the Prime Minister assured, the government wants to be open for Polish entrepreneurs and create conditions for their development.

Unprecedented crisis package

The government reacts to the rapidly changing situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic on an ongoing basis. The measures taken are a response tailored to the needs of the economy. They are the result of consultations with industry representatives, employer organisations and businesses.

Various instruments of the anti-crisis package ensure stability of employment and development opportunities for businesses.

Funds for enterprises are provided under the comprehensive assistance instruments of the Anti-Crisis Shield, Financial Shield of the Polish Development Fund, the Aid Shield of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and support from the Industrial Development Agency.

The figures confirm the effectiveness of the measures undertaken by the government.

More than PLN 120 billion for government support for business entities

Solutions provided for in the anti-crisis package are necessary and enjoy great interest on the part of entrepreneurs. So far, the government support has amounted to over PLN 120 billion, including:

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Did you know…

The shape of the building of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister resembles the letter “E”. The central wing was added in 1926, and the third floor was built after the war. In addition, the main entrance was protruded by two meters towards Aleje Ujazdowskie to enhance its representative nature.

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