Prime Minister Beata Szydło: Polish mining and power industry have a good future ahead

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Mining was and will be extremely important for the Polish economy. The fair shows how many cutting edge technologies may be applied in mining. This is the future of the sector and of the Polish economy, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło during the opening ceremony of the International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy in Katowice.

When my government started its work, we knew that one of the first and difficult tasks we had to face was to solve the problem of mining and reform this industry. Very few then believed that we would succeed. We did not want to implement a reform for two or three years, which would have to be started again. We wanted to build a new system and see the mining industry from a different perspective to give it a new life and future. And so we did, she emphasized.

Today it is our joint success that we can say it in Katowice in 2017: the Polish mining and power industry have good prospects, a good future ahead of them. We want to build the Polish power industry and economy based on a safe energy mix where hard coal and lignite will have a prominent place, declared Prime Minister Beata Szydło. 

The Prime Minister also thanked Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski, Deputy Minister Grzegorz Tobiszowski and all CEOs of mining and power companies who worked on the success of the project to reform the Polish mining. She also thanked the management boards of companies, their employees and staff who welcomed the proposed changes with understanding.

Modernisation, competitiveness and security of the sector

The Prime Minister stressed that the objective of the government was to make the Polish mining modern, competitive and profitable.It is already happening and will continue during next months and years, because the reform is pending and entered a new stage. We are now thinking about building modern coal technologies, modern mining, and to do so we need modern solutions, she said.

We want to promote Polish engineering, offer our products abroad and present Polish mining and power industry as our flagship industries. It is also about the security of Poland. We realise that in the contemporary world every country must build its economy to best secure its own interests. And this is what we do, said the Prime Minister.

She emphasized that although the reforms and decisions are not easy, a good team was created and successfully implemented the project. We are now building the future of the Polish mining. I am proud that the project proved to be a success also because I myself come from a mining gmina. I know this very well that for us, people living in the south of Poland, mining means not only the economy and jobs, but also a great ethos built for many generations, she added.

International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy in Katowice

The fair with over 30 years of history (former SIMMEX) is organised every two years in the International Congress Centre and the premises of the largest Polish exhibition and concert hall Spodek. The last edition of the fair in 2015 gathered over 400 companies from 19 countries. The exhibition was visited by over 25,000 professionals, including economic missions from Ukraine, Vietnam, China, Germany, Columbia, Chile and the United Kingdom. The visitors included many managers from mines, mining centres and coal companies. The offer presented at the fair encompasses comprehensive services for the mining industry. The fair is accompanied by international conferences and symposia attended by the representatives of the European Commission, the Polish government, the International Energy Agency, the World Mining Congress and the European science.

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