Zbigniew Ziobro

Zbigniew Ziobro
Zbigniew Ziobro

Minister of justice

His tasks cover matters related to the judiciary, the prison system, the profession of notary, the legal profession, and legal advisers. Among other things, he is also responsible for the preparation of projects related to the criminal, civil, and family laws.

Born on August 18, 1970 in Kraków. Deputy to the Sejm of the IV, V and VI, VIII term. Former deputy to the European Parliament.

Lawyer, graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University, completed public prosecutor apprenticeship at the Prosecutor's Office in Katowice.

Before he got involved into politics, in 1998 he founded the Association of Cato, where thousands of poor people were provided with legal counselling free of charge.

In 2000 Minister of Justice Lech Kaczyński appointed him the secretary of the unit for the amendment of the criminal law codification, aimed at tightening up the fight against criminal activity and corruption.  At that time he drew up a draft amendment of the Criminal Code, aimed at tightening up the fight against criminal activity and corruption.

Then the undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Justice (2001). Member of the parliamentary committee of inquiry for the Rywin affair. His closing report on the work of the committee was adopted by the Sejm by an absolute majority of votes.

In 2005-2007, the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General.

He enforced the LaJ cabinet’s policy that has resulted in a drastic drop in crime rate. During 2 years of LaJ’s rule, one reported nearly 200 thousand crimes less, which is the only such case since 1989. Zbigniew Ziobro is the author of regulations introduced into the Criminal Code, which enabled prosecuting corruption in Polish sports. Together with Przemysław Gosiewski he drew up a bill that made the legal profession available to young people. As the head of the Ministry of Justice, he also significantly reduced notary fees to be borne by the citizens. In the European elections of 2009 Zbigniew Ziobro was elected the Deputy of the Kielce and the Małopolska region to the EP.

President of the United Poland.

Married, two children.

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