Jan Szyszko

Jan Szyszko
Jan Szyszko

Minister of environment


Born on April 19, 1944 in Stara Miłosna. Deputy to the Sejm of the V, VI, VII and VIII term.

In 1966 he graduated from the Faculty of Forestry at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. In 1972 he obtained a Ph.D. in forestry, in 1983 he qualified as an assistant professor, and in 2001 he was granted the professor’s title.

In 1992 - 1993 he was the  Director of the National Board of National Parks, in 1997 - 1999 the Minister of the Environment, Natural Resources and Forestry.  Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in 1999 - 2001, the Polish government plenipotentiary for the UN Climate Convention - at the same time he was the President of COP5 - the United Nations International Convention on Climate Change. In 2001 - 2005 a judge of the Tribunal of State.

Minister of the Environment in 2005-2007.

As an Deputy to the Sejm, he was, inter alia, the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Forestry.

In 2000 - 2005 he was the head of the Department of Landscape Architecture, Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Member of the European Association of Coleopterology, doctor honoris causa of the University of Lüneburg (Germany) and the University of Uzhgorod (Ukraine). Laureate of the Award of the World Organisation of Scientists associating dozens of Nobel Prize winners - Ettore Majorana - Erice - Science for Peace Prize".

Author of more than 250 scientific publications on development of forest ecosystems, improving forest health, population dynamics, regeneration of forest ecosystems, management of natural resources and their use for the economic development of the country. One of the co-founders and the President of the Association for Sustainable Development of Poland.

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