Bogdan Zdrojewski

Bogdan Zdrojewski

Bogdan Zdrojewski

Minister of Culture and National Heritage

Bogdan Zdrojewski promotes the creative activity of Polish artists and supports worthwhile enterprises, including educational programmes. He coordinates tasks connected with the protection of historical monuments and supervises museums with a focus on the digitisation of their resources.

Zdrojewski was born on 18 May 1957 in Kłodzko (Lower Silesia). He graduated from the Wrocław University with a degree in Philosophy and Culture Studies. In 1990-2001 he served as the Mayor of Wrocław.

A photography enthusiast - he still has his first Certo camera. He relaxes best when gardening and calls his garden "1000 metres of happiness". He is probably the only member of the government who can drive a train.

In 1997 he became a senator. He resigned on 11 January 2000 following a ruling by the Constitutional Tribunal that the performance of the function of mayor may not be combined with a senator’s mandate. In May 2001, he resigned from the function of mayor because he decided to stand for election to the Sejm.

He obtained a mandate of a Deputy to the 4th Sejm term of office, representing the Civic Platform. In 2005, he was again elected to the Sejm from the Wrocław list of that party. In December 2006, he was elected president of the Civic Platform parliamentary club. In the last parliamentary elections, he once again became a Deputy to the Sejm.

Bogdan Zdrojewski was awarded the Order of St. Sylvester by Pope John Paul II and the Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class by the president of Germany. In 1997 he was awarded the Andrzej Bączkowski Prize, and in 1998 he received the prestigious Leader of Europe award. His work in the local government has been distinguished in many opinion polls. He has written numerous articles in scientific magazines.

He is married and has two children: daughter Caroline and son Stanisław.

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