Anna Zalewska

Anna Zalewska
Anna Zalewska

Minister of national education


Born on July 6, 1965 in Świebodzice. Deputy to the Sejm of the VI, VII and VIII term.

MA in Polish Philology, ecologist, education manager, former Deputy Governor of Świdnica District.

Career in the Sejm of the Republic of Poland:

As a Deputy, she held the position of Vice-President of the Committee on European Union, Health Committee, Committee on Energy, she was the Chair of the Parliamentary Group for Wind Energy Safe for People and the Environment.

Anna Zalewska is one of the most active MPs in the Lower Silesia region. Effectively fights for a number of issues and serves people. For many years, she has been providing legal and organizational support to people protesting against locating wind turbines too close to human settlements.

As the only parliamentarian in the constituency of Wałbrzych she has been strongly opposing the close down of local educational institutions - and has been actively cooperating with teachers, parents, and representatives of trade unions, representing their stance during talks with local government.

For many years, in her constituency offices operating in every county of the Wałbrzych district, the residents have been provided with on-going legal assistance and intervention.

Deputy Anna Zalewska has been the member of Law and Justice since 2003. Over the past seven years, she held the position of the Chair of the Law and Justice District Board. She is the party’s leader in Wałbrzych district.

She is married, has two daughters.

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