Andrzej Adamczyk

Andrzej Adamczyk
Andrzej Adamczyk

Minister of infrastructure and construction


Born on January 4, 1959 in Krzeszowice. Kraków Province Deputy to the Sejm of the V, VI, VII and VIII term.

He holds a university degree in economics with a specialization in accounting and finances in business management.

He worked in the Enterprise of Concrete Industry "Prefabet - Krzeszowice", then in the Office of the Chief Mechanic at the Chrzanów Refractory Materials Plant. From 1982 he worked in the Investment Department of the District Cooperative of Purchasing and Sales in Krzeszowice. Since 1984 he worked in the Renovation and Construction Department of the Sanka  Cooperative near Krzeszowice, first as a site foreman, then a site manager, and the Manager of the Renovation and Construction Department.

Member of the Chamber of Civil Engineers of Małopolska District. Since the late 80’s he co-founded the Citizens' Committees of the NS “Solidarność" in the western part of the then Province of Kraków. Councilor of the County of Kraków in 1998 - 2005.

Longtime Vice-President of the Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure.

Since autumn 2001 a member of the Law and Justice. The head of Law and Justice structures in the District of Kraków.

Awarded with the title of the best Sejm deputy of 2012 and of the entire seventh term of office of the Sejm in the poll of the "Polityka" weekly.

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