Adam Niedzielski

Adam Niedzielski
Adam Niedzielski

Minister of health

He is responsible for the development and implementation of the Polish strategy to combat the COVID-19 epidemic. One of his priorities is to introduce changes to the healthcare system aimed at improving the quality of services and their availability to patients. He places great emphasis on prevention, which allows us to diagnose diseases earlier and prevent the development of severe conditions. He is responsible for the implementation of IT solutions in healthcare.

Doctor of economics Adam Niedzielski

A graduate of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics in two faculties: economics and quantitative methods and information systems. An expert in public management. In 2003, he received a doctorate in economics from the Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

He started his professional career in the Ministry of Finance; he also worked in the Supreme Audit Office, the Ministry of Justice and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). From 23 November 2016, he was the General Director of the Ministry of Finance.

From 12 July 2018, Adam Niedzielski was the Deputy President of the National Health Fund for Operational Affairs, and from 18 July 2019 – the acting President of the National Health Fund.

By decision of the Minister of Health of 10 October 2019, he was appointed president of the National Health Fund.

On 26 August 2020, he was appointed Minister of Health.