#YearofNewTask: start of the review of the ministries of Beata Szydło’s government

A review of the ministries starts on Wednesday and will last two weeks, during which the ministers will present activities to be realised in 2017 – Prime Minister Beata Szydło launched the #YearofNewTasks action during the press conference held on Tuesday.

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Photo: P. Tracz/Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Priorities of the PiS government: Security, development, family and social affairs

On Wednesday, a meeting with Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz and Minister of the Interior and Administration Mariusz Błaszczak will be held within the review of the ministries, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło. As she added, during the next two weeks, she will present and discuss the government’s plans for the next 12 months together with ministries in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. It will be an opportunity not only to inform citizens about new directions of action of individual ministries, but also to summarise the tasks that they have already fulfilled. The achievements of the government in 2016 listed by the Prime Minister included – among others – the Family 500+ programme, the Housing+ programme, increasing the minimum wage to PLN 2 000, increasing the minimum pension to PLN 1 000, as well as improvements for entrepreneurs.

The Prime Minister said that the priorities of actions for her government are: security, development, family and social affairs. Therefore the review will begin from the security issues. Security is our priority – it is one of our main tasks and it refers not only to the broad definition of security, but also to the security of the daily life of Polish families and Polish citizens, as well as the wider sense of security, underlined Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

Government focused on citizens’ needs

The irresponsible opposition in the Sejm abused the confidence of citizens in politicians and we have to restore it, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło. We have to show Polish people that the Polish State functions well and the PiS politicians take the issues of Polish people seriously, she added.

As the Prime Minister assured, the government is to take care of the problems of Polish people and her government faces new tasks and directions, which it will undertake. This is why the review of the ministries, which starts tomorrow, is so important. Its aim is to effectively implement this good programme, this good timetable of actions. This is one of the aims of our meetings and my conversations with the ministers. We are here to work – this is what citizens pay us for. What is the most important, is work, not political brawls. That is how Law and Justice has been, is and will be working. That is how the PiS government will be acting, summarised the Prime Minister.

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