Work of the Team for the GovTech Polska Programme is to be started

 “We would like to reconstruct the philosophy of the functioning of the state from the viewpoint of public procurement” – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the meeting inaugurating the work of the Team for the GovTech Polska Programme.

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Fot. Krystian Maj / KPRM

“We care about small and medium-sized companies most” – said the Head of the Government. He added that all public procurement procedures for small companies were difficult and should be remodelled. “I know well that these small, Polish, versatile companies and start-ups often have excellent ideas. We would like to implement such development mechanisms so as to give these companies more opportunities to acquire orders” – declared the Prime Minister.

As an example of good cooperation between the administration and small companies, the Prime Minister presented recent assistance of the programmers in tightening the tax system.

“I hope that the inclusion of companies in various public administration processes will lead to many small breakthroughs which will let us go to the higher technological level” – persuaded the Head of the Government. As he said, “we would like cooperation among small Polish technological companies, with advanced technological and information ideas, to bring benefits to the Polish citizens and companies”.

Team for the GovTech Polska Programme  

This is a subsidiary body of the Prime Minister. The work of the Team is coordinated by the Chair of the Steering Committee – the Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. The team is composed of seven ministries of: finance, defence, health, investment and economic development, entrepreneurship and technology, the interior and digital affairs.

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