We are looking for the optimal shape of public service

Comment on the article by Artur Radwan in DGP Great changes for officials. The Government’s personnel broom is coming.

Photo: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The information presented in the article by Artur Radwan on the allegedly planned legislative changes concerning the reform of the Polish public administration is only a speculation by journalist A. Radwan.

At the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, there is ongoing analytical work on the state of the Polish public administration, including personnel solutions. What is analysed, is, inter alia, their differentiation between various types of institutions, adjustment to the challenges of the labour market or mobility and professional development.

The result of the above-mentioned work was the conference Public service for Poland – how to release the potential of administration? organised on 26 October 2016. It was attended by the representatives of various areas of public administration, as well as the scientists and representatives of trade unions, non-governmental organisations, world of business and media.

The Conference has only initiated a public debate on the optimal shape of widely understood public service in our country. Many times, the postulates to harmonise the professional standards, which should by met by all officials, were submitted. The objective of the proposal was to increase the mobility of civil servants, rational use of their specialised knowledge, skills and experience.

Maybe the result of the initiated discussions will be the postulates to commence the legislative work on the statuses of civil servants. Today, it is not possible to specify which legal acts these proposals will refer to and what the scope of the proposed regulations will be.

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