Visit to Zambia: meeting with Zambian graduates of Polish universities

Prime Minister assured that Poland supports all its foreign students and talked about the opportunities for the strengthening of relations between Poland and Zambia.

Premier wita się z przybyłymi gośćmi 1 of 4
Maciej Śmiarowski/KPRM

Donald Tusk also said that both the Polish community and the graduates of Polish universities are ambassadors for Poland around the world.

The Zambian graduates of Polish universities that met with Prime Minister studied in Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poznań, Cracow. The fields of studies they chose included economy, chemistry and medicine.

The graduates that met with Donald Tusk on Sunday thanked for Poland’s support and expressed hope for cooperation in the future.

One example of the development of good relations between the two countries thanks to the studies in Poland is a member of the Polish parliament, Killion Munyama, who accompanies Prime Minister during his visit to Zambia.

Killion Munzele Munyama is an economist, university teacher, local authority activist and politician.  He was born in Zambia. He came to Poland at the beginning of 1980s on a government scholarship. He is a graduate of economy at the Poznań University of Economics, where he was awarded a doctoral degree in economy based on his doctoral dissertation titled “The IMF conditionality and the Problem of Structural Adjustment in the Zambian Economy”.

Foreign students in Poland

There are over 24 thousand foreign students from 141 countries in Poland. Their number has increased almost threefold since 2004. In the same period the number of Polish students has not changed, which means that Poland is becoming a more and more attractive country to pursue studies not only for persons that wish to study in the country of their ancestors.

More than 40 per cent of foreign students in Poland study subjects related to sociology, economy and business. More than 26 per cent of foreign students study medical sciences and 7.5 per cent study technical subjects. However, most foreign students study on medical universities, where 12 per cent of students come from abroad.

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