Visit of the president of Indonesia in Warsaw

Donald Tusk and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono discussed the reinforcement of economic relations between the two countries through the promotion of trade and investments.

Premier Polski i prezydent Indonezji 1 of 6
Maciej Śmiarowski/KPRM

Topics discussed at the meeting include, among others, issues related to closer cooperation in the food, energy, science, tourism and defence industries.

During his visit to Poland, the president of Indonesia was accompanied by coordinating ministers for policy, legislation and safety, foreign affairs, industry, trade, and agriculture.

Poland-Indonesia Economic Forum

The Poland-Indonesia Economic Forum was held in Warsaw and served as the occasion for the execution of a memorandum between the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) and the Indonesian Council of Investment Coordination as well as a memorandum between the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Indonesian Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

The trade turnover in 2012 according to GUS data amounted to EUR 578.6 M. The main goods exported from Poland to Indonesia in 2011 consisted of chemical industry products, machines and mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as animal derived products. On the other hand, Poland imports from Indonesia goods such as plastics, rubber and rubber products, machines and mechanical and electrical equipment, textiles and textile products, chemical industry products, footwear and apparel, wood and wood products.
Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populated country (237.6 million inhabitants) with the largest Muslim population in the world (app. 215 million) and the largest economy of Southeast Asia (15th globally).

According to World Bank estimates, based on the favourable demographics and long-term economic growth forecasts, Indonesia may become the 6th or 7th largest economy of the world by 2030.

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