Vehicle’s data, driving licence and ticket payment online New e-services soon

As early as now you can check the vehicle’s history and coach data online. Soon you will be able to check a driving school, number of your penalty points or pay a ticket online. The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MSW) is improving the existing e-services and preparing new ones.

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Since June 2014 two eservices have been available - „Vehicle History” i „Safe Coach”. There will be more of them soon. The first step in an improvement of the Central Vehicle and Driver Register (CEPiK). Thanks to it, drivers will be able to check more information about a vehicle without leaving home.

New e-services

Soon it will be possible to introduce new useful e-services.

  • "Make driver’s data available” – it makes it possible to check if a driver has a valid driving licence;
  • "Check a driving school” – it will make choosing an appropriate driving school easier;
  • "My vehicle” – it will ensure access to data about one’s vehicle;
  • The service thanks to which the driver will have access to his data; e.g. penalty points. He will also be able to pay a ticket online.

CEPiK 2.0 project

Development of e-services is possible thanks to CEPiK 2.0 project. It is implemented jointly by MSW and the Central IT Centre (COI). Its aim is to modernise the CEPiK IT system. The work will be completed in 2016, but new services are gradually launched as early as now. 

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