Tusk and Merkel meet in Berlin: support for energy union

- One of the elements that ensure secure and safe Europe is energy independence - Prime Minister Tusk said in Berlin. Chancellor Merkel reassured of Germany’s general support to the establishment of an energy union; she added, however, that one had to elaborate more on the details.

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Photo: M. Śmiarowski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Premier Tusk stwierdził, że „różne państwa mogą mieć różne interesy i punkty widzenia, ale naszym zadaniem jest uzgodnienie tego, co musi być wspólne w polityce energetycznej”.

Prime Minister Tusk stated that "different countries may have different interests and points of view, yet our task is to agree on what must be of common significance in the energy policy."
Before meeting with Chancellor Merkel, Donald Tusk said that it was crucial to find a way of action, which would take into account three important European interests:

  • energy independence,
  • reasonable energy prices
  • climate challenge facing Europe.

In the Prime Minister’s opinion, the Polish point of view is pro-European and can be more effective in relations with Russia than the sanctions.

- Today, we have to overcome some barriers and a kind of routine; we have to strive to achieve the capacities and capabilities beyond our current limits. We need to be more ambitious than is apparent from the experience and routine. So is the case of the energy union project - convinced the head of government.

European soft power - devotion to values

The Prime Minister stressed that Europe cannot remain helpless while facing violence and aggressive policy we are now witnessing in the East. - We used to build a kind of soft power, it was a specialty of Europe. This is the actual devotion to certain values, including solidarity with people whose freedom is threatened. Since today we are not ready to stand up steadily for these values outside the European Union, as no one wants an armed conflict, the more we have to be ready to remain faithful to this soft power - he said. Prime Minister added that we should also keep this in mind while thinking of Ukraine.

Meetings on the establishment of energy union

On Wednesday, Donald Tusk spoke with head of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy. On Thursday, the issue of energy union was also tackled by the head of government in his talk with Prime Minister of France Francoise Hollande.

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