Time for economic patriotism

What should be the role of the state in the economy? How to improve its innovativeness? How to support exporters and attract investors? Both these and many other questions were answered by the Prime Minister, the ministers and presidents of the largest companies who took part in the inauguration of the 7th edition of the project titled "Time for Economic Patriotism” held on Wednesday.

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Photo: P. Tracz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Beata Szydło reiterated that the Wednesday debate "Time for Economic Patriotism" was attended by all representatives of the government dealing with economic issues, as well as the representatives of state-owned companies. As she added, it was the first such debate attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland. With our participation in the discussion, we strive to emphasize that for the Polish government, economy and rapid development that translates into citizens’ improved living conditions is a key priority, the head of government stressed.

Economic patriotism and the plan for responsible development

To promote everything made in Poland, to build a Polish brand, buy Polish products, support Polish companies - such is the definition of economic patriotism presented by the head of government. We have the capacity, people, potential, resources, which until now have been repeatedly wasted, the Prime Minister emphasized.Politicians are obliged to develop good legal and political solutions that will enable businesses to operate and function well. We are all heading the same direction: both business and politics. At the finish line, we should secure economic patriotism translating into the good of the homeland, she stressed.

We should run Polish economy and create a climate for building up economic capacity to enable Polish companies to grow stronger, to look for new markets, use of state-of-the-art technologies, the Prime Minister listed. At the same time, she added that the government wants to invite foreign investors to Poland: We want them to pay taxes here and support the development of Polish companies, Beata Szydło said.

Poland - a country of equal opportunities

The Prime Minister argued that the plan for the responsible development is ambitious, up to date, and it is aimed to ensure the sustainable development of our country. Poland has to be a country of equal opportunities for all, she remarked. An example of a project implemented by the government and addressed to all, is the Family 500 plus programme. It is not a social welfare programme. It aims to help break down the demographic barriers. Moreover, it is a serious economic program. Every year, Polish market will be fuelled with PLN 20 billion. We do believe, therefore, that it will have a positive impact on economic growth, the Prime Minister concluded.

Science and innovation in the service for economy

As it was noted by the head of government, the role of modern science and technology in economic development is invaluable. Today, we still are not the country at the forefront of innovation, despite the fact that we have all the necessary prerequisites, the Prime Minister said. The State should create a systemic support for innovation, technical and scientific development. To make sure Polish scientists’ ideas are translated into factual solutions in the economy,  she added. Effective cooperation between business and politicians is of critical significance here.

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