The Sejm passes a vote of confidence on Prime Minister Morawiecki’s government

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called the Sejm of the Republic of Poland to express a vote of confidence in the Council of Ministers. The parliamentary majority expressed their support for the government and its policies.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

‘What do the Polish people need today? More than anything else, they need effectiveness and justice. They need our actions to have a real influence on the economic and healthcare realities. Polish people need stability and actions that benefit the Republic,’ said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in his Sejm speech.

Polish government in the fight against COVID-19

The Prime Minister also addressed the current situation related to the coronavirus pandemic. He highlighted the importance of unity between the legislature and the executive in the face of new challenges and the current situation. ‘We’ve achieved great success in the fight against the coronavirus. We made the right decisions at the right time. This success has been recognised by everyone around the world,’ said the Prime Minister.

It was thanks to the Polish government introducing such measures as closing the borders and banning mass events that our situation was not as difficult as in other countries.

Support for entrepreneurs

Government action towards stabilising employment and supporting the liquidity of businesses serves to maintain production capacity, necessary in order to resume economic activities once the pandemic ceases. ‘Despite the crisis, we will lead Poland towards ambitious goals; a better distribution of wealth and a fair Poland,’ said the Prime Minister. As he remarked, the government is protecting tens of thousands of businesses from bankruptcy along with millions of jobs through the Anti-Crisis Shield and Financial Shield, introduced among other measures.

‘We’ve directly saved between 2 and 3 million jobs. This means 60 million zlotys have been spent so far, while the entire Shield may amount to as much as 400 million zlotys. In less than a month, the Polish Development Fund paid out over 40 million zlotys, which is an amount equal to the yearly national budget revenue from the CIT,’ the Head of Government summed up.

Investments in the time of coronavirus

The pandemic has not put a halt to all Polish investment projects. Amid the epidemic, their pace remains the same as before the outbreak. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke about future plans and a huge investment programme. He added that ‘new investments are no give and take. We don’t have to choose between schools and roads. These investments include schools, roads, bridges and railways alike. They’re investments in small municipalities and major cities.’

235 Deputies of the Sejm voted in favour of the vote of confidence, while 219 voted against it and 2 Deputies abstained.

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