The Prime Minister on the acceleration of works under the Programme for Silesia

Investments in Silesia are gathering pace. At the third meeting of the Executive Council for the Programme for Silesia, which took the form of a video conference, the previous activities, successes and plans for the coming years were discussed. The meeting was attended by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak, Deputy Minister Grzegorz Puda and Silesian Voivode Jarosław Wieczorek. 

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Activities for innovative Silesia

The programme for Silesia has been implemented in an open formula and new sources of financing are constantly being sought for while at the same time new investments are being incorporated. Currently, there are 116 projects worth PLN 62 billion under the Programme. Agreements worth almost PLN 23 billion have been concluded.  

The coronavirus pandemic has affected Silesian Voivodeship the most. Therefore, it is important to intensify measures aimed at continuing the implementation of the Programme for Silesia.

Funds for Silesian investments

The region has recently benefited from support under the Knowledge Education Development Programme for fighting the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic. The EU funds were allocated for:

nursing homes,
co-financing of remuneration and expenses related to conducting business activities,
grants for persons who have lost their jobs.

These measures were worth nearly PLN 173 million in total.

The voivodeship has also benefited from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment. These are primarily projects related to thermal modernisation of multi-family buildings with a total value of PLN 429 million, of which PLN 234 million has been co-financed by the EU. Agreements have been concluded for the purchase of electric buses for Gliwice and Sosnowiec, amounting to PLN 82 million, of which PLN 56 million has been financed from the EU funds.

Apart from financing from the European funds, projects implemented under the Programme will also be financed from the state budget, own funds of state-owned companies and financial institutions such as the Polish Development Fund, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Towarzystwo Finansowe Silesia.

The launch of the EU Financial Framework for 2021-2027 and the new instruments and mechanisms to rebuild the European economy affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, or implementing the Green Deal strategy, are a potential source of funding for the Programme.

Under the Next Generation EU, Poland may receive up to PLN 64 billion. Silesian Voivodeship will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of these funds. 

Programme for Silesia

Announced in 2017, the Programme for Silesia is one of the key strategic projects implemented under the Responsible Development Strategy adopted by the Council of Ministers. It was created in cooperation with the Regional Council for Social Dialogue in Katowice, in response to the demands raised by the inhabitants of the voivodeship.

The key objectives of the Programme are to introduce a change in the economic profile of the region by gradually replacing the mining and metallurgy sector with new undertakings, especially in innovative and technologically advanced sectors.

Specific objectives of the Programme:

Objective 1: To increase innovativeness of industry and development investments in the region.

Objective 2: To enhance professional activity and raise qualifications of the inhabitants of the region.

Objective 3: To improve the environmental quality.

Objective 4: To develop and modernise transport infrastructure.

Objective 5: To use the potential of Silesian Voivodeship in order to ensure the national energy security and to develop innovations in the power industry.

Objective 6: To improve the development conditions of Silesian towns and cities.

The institution supervising its implementation is the Executive Council established in April 2019.

So far, two meetings of the Council have been held, the last one in October 2019 in Katowice.

It is planned that the next meeting of the Council will take place within one month.

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