The Prime Minister at the virtual congress Impact re:action 2020 in Krakow

The head of the government on support for businesses at a difficult time for the Polish economy. "Poland has implemented the largest business support package in the region and in history, thanks to which, according to the European Commission, the Polish economy is performing best in Europe," said the Prime Minister.

Photo: Mateusz Rzewuski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

Innovations in the era of the coronavirus

As a result of the involvement of computer scientists and innovators, tools for distance learning, modern medical equipment and solutions were created to support seniors, businesses and the economy not only during but also after the coronavirus pandemic. "Students of several thousand schools that have implemented advanced tools for distance learning today will also be able to use them tomorrow, with modern equipment, for which we, as a state, have already allocated over PLN 350 million," stated the Prime Minister.

Digital society - modern Poland

He stressed at the same time an important aspect of the possibility of handling administrative matters or doing business online. Today, millions of citizens, hundreds of thousands of businesses and officials are using it. 

"Prevention is better than cure, but with digitisation we can do both at once. Every new service, each pro-innovative change in the law offers a helping hand to those in need and builds the foundations of the digital state of the future," he concluded.

"Digitisation is helping everyone nowadays, and tomorrow it will help even more, but only if we take advantage of the opportunity that we all have today," said the Prime Minister. As he added, the world after the pandemic will become increasingly digital, and thanks to experts, businesses and other innovators, we will be able to make digitisation not only a supportive tool in crisis situations, but also a development opportunity for the Polish economy and society.

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