The meeting of the Prime Ministers of Poland and Latvia “We are following the same path”

Security in the Baltic Sea region, future of the EU, cooperation in energy and economy - these were primary topics of Thursday discussions between Prime Minister Beata Szydło and Prime Minister of Latvia Māris Kučinskis.

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Photo: P. Tracz/Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Security of the region and the reform of the EU following Brexit

We are following the same path. Both for Poland and Latvia, most important issues include security in the region and survival of the EU, finding solutions that would be acceptable to all Member States, so after the changes EU be stronger and continue to develop - emphasised Prime Minister Beata Szydło at a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Latvia, Māris Kučinskis.

As the head of Polish government added, the discussions on changes after the Brexit procedure, which is beginning, the manner of negotiations and priorities, shall begin as soon as next week at the EU summit in Malta. Prime Minister Beata Szydło pointed out that she saw and need to discuss reforms of the EU, and she would undertakes such a debate. The United Kingdom’s decision to leave EU was dictated by disheartenment. In order to avoid future divisions, we must start discussions on changes necessary, so the the EU remains united and is a platform for economic growth, security in Europe, and a partner for the world, she said.

Prime Minister Beata Szydło expressed the view that decisions taken in Warsaw on strengthening of the eastern NATO flank were very satisfying to Poland and Latvia. Cooperation in the Baltic Sea region and in the area of security was our priority, she argued.

Polish-Latvian infrastructural projects, energy and education

For Poland Nord Stream 2 and Opal were topics, which we continued to raise in the international arena. We must have a clear position of Brussels on the Nord Stream 2. Neither do we agree to the position on Opal, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło on energy independence. She added that Poland sought Latvia’s support in relations to changes in the winter package. These provisions are unacceptable for Polish economy, and it is about the development of energy industry based on coal and emissions. We disagree with EC’s decisions taken so far. I asked the Prime Minister to support Poland in this debate, informed the Prime Minister.

Topics of Polish-Latvian discussions also included eastern issues (related to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Eastern Partnership) and bilateral relations, including the topic of education for Polish minority in Latvia. Prime Minister Beata Szydło thanked the Latvian head of the government for care extended over Polish minority in Latvia, wonderful climate for the Polish diaspora and the support for our fellow countrymen.

Cooperation in transport was also discussed, including Rail Baltica and Via Baltica projects and common efforts under the Central and Eastern Europe - China format.

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