The government supports nursing homes

From the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been supporting local self-governments that run nursing homes, said Minister of the Family, Labour and Social Policy Marlena Maląg at a joint conference with Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak.

Minister Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak i minister Marlena Maląg podczas konferencji. 1 of 6
Photo: Adam Guz / The Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Marlena Maląg emphasised that the government financially supports nursing homes and provides them with hygiene products such as face masks, gloves and face shield masks. We allocated an additional amount of PLN 20 million from the state budget to co-finance the current activity of nursing homes, emphasised the Minister. She added that the government reacts and introduces actions that are aimed at health, life and safety of seniors, especially those who stay at nursing homes.

Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak announced that about PLN 125 million will be allocated to nursing homes and other care institutions, such as orphanages, as part of regional operational programs. As the Minister explained, it is related, among other things, to the purchase of personal protective equipment and payment of bonuses to the employees of nursing homes and other care institutions

Helping the helpers - this is how our assistance to the local self-governments can be described, explained Minister Jarosińska-Jedynak.

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