The government is starting work on the Family 500+programme

“The Family 500+ programme will be launched not later than in April 2016” – said Prime Minister Beata Szydło on Tuesday. More than 3.7 million children may receive educational benefits.

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Photo: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

We want this programme to be good, efefctive and used with the benefit for Polish families. We hope that it will not only support families, but that there will be more children born in Poland – said Prime Minister Szydło.

The Family 500+ programme is a system solution

The Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy, Elżbieta Rafalska, emphasized that the Family 500+ programme is a very important project for Polish families. She added that it was a system solution which would constitute a very important element of the family policy.

Minister Rafalska noted that the draft bill contains two elements.

The first covers the state aid of a social nature, which is based on the set income criterion and will be paid for the first child. Families with low income will be able to apply for this support.

The second element of the support is addressed to every Polish family with two or more children, without any regard to the income criterion.

The Family 500+ programme for 3.7 million children

Minister Rafalska emphasized that more than 3.7 million Polish children may receive educational benefits. There has been no such law in Poland yet – she said.

There will be no correction connected with an introduction of the additional income criterion

The head of the family, labour and social policy sector assured that the government draft will not introduce any correction connected with the introduction of an additional income criterion for persons who have a very good financial situation. There is a criterion applicable to families with low income - PLN 800 and PLN 1200 - if there is a disabled child in the family. No other criteria will be introduced - she emphasizes.

Minister Rafalska also stated that the government is not planning any changes as far as a tax relief for a child is concerned.

No-one will lose on the Family 500+ programme

No-one will lose on the 500+ draft – pointed out Minister Elżbieta Rafalska. She added that currently the income criterion guaranteeing access to social aid benefits amounts to PLN 514, and in the 500+ draft - it will be increased by more than 50 per cent.

Saying that the poorest will lose is great dishonesty - said the head of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers, Henryk Kowalczyk. Even if the poorest ones who now receive a family allowance to the value of PLN 77 per one child aged 0 to 5 or PLN 106 for a child aged 5 to 18, with the income criterion of PLN 574, lose that family allowance, because they receive PLN 500 per child, is the receipt of PLN 500 instead of PLN 77 per child a loss or a gain? I think that is clearly a gain. And, please, never repeat that anyone will lose – said the minister.

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