The Council of Ministers: "14th pension” for pensioners

Next year, seniors will receive additional money in addition to the 13th pension. This is the most important decision made by the government today.

Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

Who will receive the 14th pension?

  • Pensioners.

What will the amount of the 14th pension be?

  • the zloty for zloty rule will apply during the payment of the 14th pension;
  • the full 14th pension will be given to persons whose benefit does not exceed PLN 2,900 gross.
  • others will receive the 14the pension reduced according to the introduced rule. E.g. if someone gets PLN 3,000 gross, his or her 14th pension will be lower by 100 PLN.

When will it be paid?

  • In November 2021.

How many people will receive the financial support?

  • Up to approx. 9.1 million pensioners.

The government also adopted a draft amendment to the energy law, thanks to which Poland will be able to control the compliance with the law on the European gas market, including in relation to such projects as Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2.

In addition, the Council of Ministers was familiarised with the current situation regarding the threat of coronavirus.

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