Stricter punishments for drunk drivers

The amendment of the Penal Code includes regulations related to drunk drivers. It stipulates stricter punishments for drink-driving. They are expected to be one of the ways to improve road safety. Donald Tusk announced fight with drunk drivers at the beginning of January 2014.

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- At the same time, work is underway on bills prepared by Sejm. I’m convinced that adoption of the government bill will accelerate completion of this work - the Prime Minister said. He added that the starting point for the bill was tragic information about fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers..

Confiscation of the driving licence

The court is obliged to confiscate the driving licence for 3-15 years from a person who drove drunk for the first time. If he is caught driving drunk for the second time, the document will be confiscated for good.

A drunk driver who will cause a fatal accident or in which a victim will be permanently disabled, will lose the driving licence for life. In each of this cases, the court will be able to decide that the general public should be informed about the verdict.


The court is also obliged to adjudicate a monetary benefit of at least PLN 5 thousand to be paid by the person convicted of drink-driving for the first time, and PLN 10 thousand if it happens for the second time. In a situation in which a drunk driver causes an accident which results in death or permanent disability of another person, the court is expected to adjudicate damages of at least PLN 10 thousand. Driving a car without appropriate rights, including the situation in which they have been taken away, will become a crime.

Alcohol blockade in the car

According to the new regulations, a driver convicted of drink-driving will be obliged to equip the car with an alcohol blockade, if he would like to regain the driving rights which have been taken away. It will prevent the engine from starting if the level of alcohol in exhaled air exceeds 0.1 mg of alcohol in 1dm3. The blockade will be obligatory for 3 years. Information that a given driver is allowed to drive only a vehicle with the blockade will be included in the driving licence in the form of a code.

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