Speech by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on the ocassion of the 100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence

Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Compatriots, living both in Poland and outside our Fatherland!

In the coming days, we will all be celebrating the 100th anniversary of Poland’s Regaining Independence! One hundred years ago, our predecessors – with heroism, arms and diplomatic work – managed to regain the free Republic for us. They gave us our Fatherland which also today, regardless of age, place of residence, education or profession, WE ALL SINCERELY LOVE!

During these days, we commemorate the fathers of our independence: Józef Piłsudski, Roman Dmowski, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Wincenty Witos, Wojciech Korfanty and Ignacy Daszyński.

Before and after regaining independence, there were many issues on which they had different views; they often argued fiercely. But in those days, months and years which were crucial for Poland, they had one common objective: a free, independent, sovereign Fatherland.

Because of the effortsof these outstanding statesmen and because of the efforts of the whole society, a state which had no institutions, no economy, no currency and no law, became an important state on the map of Europe. It became a white and red community of the Polish nation, our beloved II Rzeczpospolita.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In the past 250 years, many generations of Poles had to satisfy themselves with independence hidden in the Polish hearts, minds and hope. There are not many countries in the world which were similarly experienced by the history. And countries which – like us – may be proud that in their difficult history, they managed to pass the exam in humanity, sacrifice and solidarity. We did.

But history is not over.

The anniversary of regaining independence is a date which should above all remind us of the great commitment towards the future of Poland. Which should remind us of what our country will look like in the coming years and in the next hundred years. What kind of Poland we want to pass down in this relay of generations to our children, grandchildren, our national community.

The free Poland is a commitment to set ourselves ambitious goals, thanks to which we will make Poland stronger, and the life in Poland – happier.

Therefore, the basic task of the Polish state must be a consistent improvement in the quality of life of the Polish families. Through pro-family policy, boosting the entrepreneurial spirit of the Poles, through creating ever better quality of workplaces, strengthening the Polish economy, in the perspective of the next several years we can achieve what has actually never happened in the history of Poland: we can catch up with the developed western countries.

We have to do everything to make our common home a safe and wealthy place for long years to come. It is a task for today’s patriots, for the government, citizens, and also for the opposition. Our common task.

Dear Compatriots,

In order to protect the European values, Poland repelled the soviet attack in 1920 and then stood up and fought with Nazi Germany. Poland, as a victim of two criminal regimes, can understand better than anyone, what a great value individual freedom and being a member of a democratic community of nations is. 

Today, being an active Member State of the European Union, we show that we are one of the most pro-Europe nations. Europe will always be the future of Poland. The European projectis is also a Polish project and our reason of state is to make the history of the European Union a history of success. That is why strengthening the European Union is and will be absolutely fundamental for the Polish foreign policy.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

There are certain matters beyond temporary disputes and disruptions, such as security, living standard of the Poles, or the good name of Poland. But also, respect for the citizens and respect between the citizens – with different sensibilities, different views, different life choices and different ideologies.

Let us look for what brings us together, what allows us to build a community and contributes to strengthening the position of Poland. We can all agree that a dialogue brings more good than two monologues.

That is why I invite all Poles and all political groups to work together for our safety and economic development. These can be our cross-party commitments, which we will implement over political divisions.

There is room for everyone under the white and red flag.

On this special Independence Day let us cheerfully celebrate our freedom. Freedom of our nation and freedom of each of us. Let us celebrate it together, with our families, with our neighbours. With those, with whom perhaps on day-to-day basis we may find it difficult to agree with, when it comes to certain matters. But for one matter we should agree – our own, independent state is our greatest treasure, our greatest value and our greatest chance for the good future of POLAND.

I wish us all that we use this hope for future in the best possible way. Let us celebrate this day in every corner of our Fatherland as well as everywhere in the world, where our Compatriots live. Let this be our common celebration.

The day of the free and proud Poles.

Poland has not yet perished, so long as we still live.

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