Solidarity Support Body for Senior Citizens – real help for the elderly

The life and health of every citizen is extremely important to us. However, we must take special care of senior citizens, who are most exposed to the severe course of coronavirus infection. With them in mind, the Senior Hours and the Solidarity Support Body for Senior Citizens were created. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki took part in the Support senior citizens campaign, at the same time encouraging others to act. 

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

The coronavirus epidemic did not relieve us of the obligation to act decent. Difficult times demand more from us and are a test of our solidarity, emphasised Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. "Today, simple gestures from the heart become life-saving acts and can constitute the barrier between life and death. Let us remember this and help our senior citizens,” said the head of the government.

We call on senior citizens to be careful

Dear senior citizens, please try to leave your homes as rarely as possible. Ask your relatives or neighbours for help. If you have to go outside, do so during the senior hours. Shop in a store, drugstore or pharmacy between 10:00-12:00, Monday to Friday. Remember that this is the shopping time reserved for people over 60 years of age. Above all, remember to cover your nose and mouth and keep a safe distance from other people.

Solidarity Support Body for Senior Citizens

The initiator and coordinator of the Solidarity Support Body for Senior Citizens is the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. The programme is addressed to people over 70 years of age. The elderly people will receive the necessary support during the pandemic, without having to leave home. All they have to do is contact the dedicated helpline +22 505 11 11. Volunteers who cooperate with social welfare centres will deliver the necessary products to the senior citizen's home or walk their dog. The Volunteer Fire Department, Territorial Defense Force and scouts will also get involved.

Solidarity during the pandemic – almost 6 thousand volunteers have already offered their help

Companies such as Orlen, KGHM, Lotos, Pekao, as well as PZU, which operates the hotline, have declared their assistance in providing support to senior citizens under the programme.

Nearly 60 youth organisations are also involved, including the Młodzi dla Polski (Youth for Poland), Studenci dla Rzeczypospolitej (Students for the Republic of Poland Association), Fundacja Inicjatyw Młodzieżowych (Youth Initiative Foundation) and Katolickie Stowarzyszenie Młodzieży (Catholic Youth Association). In total, nearly 5.8 thousand volunteers have joined the programme so far. Over 7.8 thousand senior citizens called the hotline for help. We want the elderly people to receive this support as soon as possible.

How does the programme work?

Step 1

A senior citizen calls the helpline and informs that he or she decides to stay at home for his or her own safety – the helpline refers the matter along with the phone number to the appropriate municipality and local welfare centre.

Step 2

The municipality contacts the senior citizen and establishes the needs from the prepared catalogue (e.g. grocery shopping, taking the trash out, a doctor’s appointment, walking the dog).

Step 3

The municipality maintains a list of senior citizens in need of help and assigns a person who will directly provide assistance to each senior citizen.

Join the  #Supportseniorcitizens campaign

Would you like to support a senior citizen? Do you have the time and desire to do the shopping for a person in need, make an appointment with the doctor or take someone’s dog for a walk? Go to and fill in the form or personally report to a local social welfare centre in your city. Only a person over 18 years of age can become a volunteer.

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