Social Committee of the Council of Ministers together with Chief Sanitary Inspectorate will step up work to improve preventive health care for pregnant women

Nowadays pregnant women often seek information on preventive health care – for themselves and for their babies – on the Internet. Knowledge from websites or special mobile applications is easily accessible, though not always reliable. That is why the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, in cooperation with the Social Committee, will engage in the promotion of the best practices and recommendations dedicated to future parents said Beata Szydło, the head of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers.

Health education for pregnant women

The prepared material will be a source of professional knowledge. It will be commonly available in an attractive and comprehensible form. Pregnancy is a special period when the future mother should take care of herself. Good diet, as well as physical activity, have significant influence on the foetal development of the child. Preventive health care after birth is equally important said Jarosław Pinkas, the Chief Sanitary Inspector. He stressed that preventive vaccination is the best method of preventing many dangerous infectious diseases. The decision concerning the refusal to vaccinate is often related to the lack of access to reliable and comprehensive information said Jarosław Pinkas.

That is why in order to meet the public demand for a scientific knowledge, presented in a manner comprehensible for the parents, the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, in cooperation with national institutions, will prepare a comprehensive publication, as well as an application including the necessary information on preventive health care for pregnant women and children. They will include i.a. information of healthy and balanced diet, physical activity during pregnancy, infant care and preventive vaccination. The material will be elaborated and distributed i.a. by the resorts subordinate to the members of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers.

I believe that this initiative will help parents limit their concerns related to the monitoring of pregnancy and safety of their child. I am glad that the Social Committee gave a positive opinion on it. Works on the draft will commence within a few days concluded the Deputy Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

Outbreaks of measles in Poland

Jarosław Pinkas presented to the members of the Social Committee an epidemiological report in relation to the outbreaks of measles in Poland. At the moment they are registered in the following voivodeships: Mazowieckie (21 cases), Pomorskie (4 cases), Lubelskie (3 cases) and Warmińsko-Mazurskie (1 case). Over 95% of persons who are ill or suspected of being infected are not vaccinated. The youngest person is one year old, the oldest is 60.

If to a plane full of not vaccinated persons entered one person infected with measles, on arrival all passengers would be infected. This shows what a highly contagious disease measles is said Jarosław Pinkas.

Measles is dangerous because of the complications after the illness. Vaccination is the only effective method which enables us to avoid being infected. The vaccine against measles used in Poland is safe emphasized the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

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