Social Committee of the Council of Ministers on population policy

We have diagnosed main opportunities and threats related to demographic change in our country. Based on this knowledge we will determine the direction of government’s activities in the area of population policy said Beata Szydło, the head of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers.

Report of the Government Population Council

Professor Józefina Hrynkiewicz presented to the members of the Committee the annual report of the Government Population Council entitled Poland’s demographic situation 2017–2018.

The recommendations of the Council cover a wide scope of areas influencing the demographic situation of the country; that is why the head of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers recommended the implementation of the postulate developed in the course of the discussion concerning the appointment of Government Agent for Population Policy. It would enable better coordination of the tasks implemented by the government within widely understood population policy.

Integrated Qualifications Strategy

The Social Committee addressed also the document on integrated qualifications strategy prepared by the department of national education.

It’s main objective is to enable both young and older people to constantly increase their professional skills. It will allow for better adjustment to the changing labour market and more efficient use of the existing potential of Poles said Marzena Machałek, Deputy Minister of National Education.

Social and economic development of our country relies to a large extent on the skills of Poles. Those skills enable people to undertake a satisfying job and fully use one’s own potential. They also determine the civilisational development of the country. That is why Integrated Qualifications Strategy 2030 was established. It sets main directions of government’s actions in the area of skills development of Poles, which is indispensable for the achievement of the objectives of economic and social policies of the state.

Patients' rights

Józefa Szczurek-Żelazko, Deputy Minister of Health, presented to the members of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers the objectives of the amendments of the Act on Patient’s Rights. According to those amendments, parents or guardians of a child staying in a medical centre shall not bear any costs for the mere fact of being with the child. A charge may be collected only for using bedding components or an additional bed, or for the meals given by the hospital.

A child has the right to be watched by their parents while being in a hospital. Their presence not only relieves stress and reinforces sense of safety, but also accelerates the treatment. That is why parents cannot be charged for the mere fact of staying at the bed of a small patient said Beata Szydło, head of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers.

This solution concerns to the same extent patients with a certified significant degree of disability.

The Social Committee gave a favourable opinion on the discussed documents and passed them for further legislative steps.

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