Social Committee of Council of Ministers meeting summary

Our approach to the safety of young people is comprehensive. In addition to a stable and modern education system, it is also important to ensure an adequate protection against certain dangers, such as psychoactive substance abuse. Such protection requires cooperation of many institutions. Measures discussed on today’s meeting of the Social Committee are a great example of such cooperation said Beata Szydło, head of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers.

Preparations for the school year of 2019/2020

The Minister of Education informed the members of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers on the progress in implementing the education reform. She underlined that schools had prepared to admit an increased number of students in secondary and upper secondary schools on 1st September and that the Ministry of Education was taking a series of measures to ensure a smooth enrolment. The distribution of the education subsidy for 2019 will include increased expenditure related to secondary and upper secondary school enrolment, with addition ca. PLN 840 million allocated to local government authorities for this purpose. Thanks to the education reform, the number of full-time teacher posts grew by approximately 28,000.

Combating psychoactive substance abuse among youth

Representatives of the Main Sanitary Inspectorate, the Ministry of the Interior and Administration and the Police presented the results of joint efforts directed at combating the abuse of psychoactive substances among young people. The legislative amendments ensuring that psychoactive substances are treated exactly like narcotics have already borne fruit. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the number of poisonings declined by half compared to this year’s third quarter. The new tool introduced to warn students’ parents about such threats, namely a special alert in e-class registers, plays and important role in education and provision of information about penal sanctions and health consequences of using drugs.

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