Record number of job offers in July. The unemployment rate dropped to 10.1%

In July, we recorded the lowest unemployment rate for 7 years. Furthermore, a record number of job offers was submitted. Employers submitted over 117 thousand of them.

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Record number of job offers

According to the estimates of the Ministry of Labour, as of the end of July 1,587 thousand persons were registered at labour offices. This is the best result for 7 years. Over one month, the number of unemployed persons decreased by more than 35.1 thousand, and it was the biggest decrease over the last 5 years. The situation improved in all provinces – mostly in Silesia, Lower Silesia and Wielkopolska. In July, employers submitted 117 thousand job offers to labour offices. It is 22% more than a year ago and the biggest number since 2001, i.e. since the Ministry of Labour has gathered statistics. The biggest number of employees are needed in Silesia and Mazovia (14 thousand in each) as well as in Wielkopolska (12 thousand).

Unemployment rate keeps falling

The unemployment rate has been falling continuously for 5 months. In July, nearly 300 thousand fewer people were registered at labour offices than a year ago. Over the last two years, the number of unemployed persons has decreased by as many as half a million, and will keep decreasing, which is demonstrated by the July record number of job offers.

In July, the registered unemployment rate dropped to 10.1%. This is the best result for 7 years. In comparison with June, the unemployment rate decreased by 0.2%. As far back as a year ago it was 11.8%. The situation improved in all provinces. The biggest improvement was recorded in Opolskie and Zachodniopomorskie Provinces – by 0.4%. The lowest unemployment rate was in Wielkopolska – 6.6%.

There are all indications that as early as in August there will be a one-digit unemployment rate in Poland. It is a great success of Polish entrepreneurs. In order to ensure it also becomes the employees’ success, the drop in the unemployment rate must be accompanied by a pay rise and bigger employment stabilisation – Minister Kosiniak-Kamysz said.

Effects of the labour offices’ reform are visible

It is visible that the labour offices’ reform launched last year yield results. The offices’ employees acquire new job offers more and more effectively. What is the most important now is that they should be of the best possible quality and should allow Poles to ensure better life to their families – Minister Kosiniak-Kamysz said.

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