Real government support for the economy

Aid for companies means not only support for the economy, but, first and foremost, for people. Thanks to flexible and diverse measures, the Polish government succeeds in saving jobs. The support for saving jobs and maintaining financial liquidity in enterprises after the crisis triggered by COVID-19, has already exceeded PLN 80 billion. Only within the framework of the Financial Shield from the Polish Development Fund (PFR Financial Shield), the government has already allocated more than PLN 47 billion to help businesses. Enterprises with subsidies from the PFR employ nearly 2.5 million people. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki recently visited one of such companies in Mazovia.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

I am in a company that benefits from the Anti-Crisis Shield and has plans to invest. Investments enable the expansion abroad said Mateusz Morawiecki during his visit to Styropmin - one of the largest producers of Styrofoam in Poland, which is using government support to save jobs. As he added this is what our economic model is all about, to support businesses that have the potential to conquer foreign markets.

The Prime Minister emphasised that the European Commission has confirmed that Poland will suffer the least from the coronavirus crisis. Our anti-crisis measures, guarantees, sureties, de minimis guarantees and direct grants contribute to saving jobs he concluded.

The government helps Polish businesses through various instruments. It offers loans, exempts from paying social security contributions and transfers cash in the form of subsidies. It also provides solutions to help maintain financial liquidity. So far, almost PLN 70 billion has been allocated to businesses. This is a huge support in the fight against the crisis caused by the pandemic. Below, there is a list of the most important elements of this aid:

As part of the Financial Shield, businesses have already received aid worth over PLN 47 billion.

It is a support programme worth PLN 100 billion addressed to micro, small, medium and large enterprises. It has been running for over a month. During this time, PLN 14 billion has been allocated to micro-entrepreneurs and PLN 33.5 billion to SMEs.

These enterprises employ over 2.42 million people. The time it takes for funds to reach the entrepreneurs' bank accounts ranges from 24 to 48 hours.

As a part of the Anti-Crisis Shield, PLN 24.24 billion has already been allocated to Polish businesses in the form of various instruments.

By 9 June, entrepreneurs submitted over 5.85 million applications to benefit from the solutions offered by the Anti-Crisis Shield. So far, nearly 1.32 million loans amounting to almost PLN 6.6 billion have been granted to micro-entrepreneurs.

More than 1.46 million idle time benefits were also paid out, totalling PLN 2.86 billion. Furthermore, over PLN 5.09 billion was granted from the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund to secure workplaces.

The Social Insurance Institution has approved the exemption from contributions for March-May as part of the Anti-Crisis Shield for over PLN 7.4 billion.

BGK support package for businesses has already exceeded PLN 8 billion.

Businesses facing a difficult situation in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic can benefit from special solutions prepared by BGK in cooperation with ministries and the banking sector.

Loans with guarantees for SMEs - PLN 7.07 billion

Loans with guarantees for Large and Medium-sized Enterprises - PLN 1.68 billion

EU funding for SMEs - PLN 75.80 billion


Styropmin Sp. z o.o. is one of the leading and largest Styrofoam manufacturers in Poland and Europe. It has been present on the global market for 25 years. It operates 3 modern production plants in Zielona Góra, Oświęcim and Łochów. Since the beginning of the 90's, the company has been continuously supplying thermal insulation materials.

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