Prime Ministers of Poland and Denmark signed the memorandum on the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline

Poland and Denmark are related thanks to lively economic relations, but we would like them to be even stronger – declared Prime Minister Beata Szydło on Friday, at a joint briefing with Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Løkke Rasmussen in Copenhagen.

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Photo: P. Tracz/Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Ground-breaking documentary for energy security of Poland

The Heads of Polish and Danish Governments signed the memorandum on implementing the Baltic Pipe investment project of key importance to Polish energy security.

This is the Polish-Danish-Norwegian project of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, which is to connect the Polish gas transmission system to the gas deposits on the Norwegian shelf in the North Sea. As Prime Minister Beata Szydło stressed, this was a very important investment project for Poland. This is the issue related to improving energy security of Poland, but also of our entire region – she added.

The Prime Minister of Denmark expressed the hope that this project, together with the relevant decisions, would be implemented and would bring benefits for Poland and Denmark.

In the memorandum, the Prime Ministers of Poland and Denmark confirmed their support for the implementation of the “Baltic Gas Pipeline” due to the common goal, i.e. providing the EU residents with safe, sustainable, competitive and cheap energy.


Economy and development of investment

Poland and Denmark are related thanks to lively economic relations, but we would like them to be even stronger, so that we could implement more economic projects and Polish companies could invest in Denmark – stressed the Prime Minister, pointing out that “Danish companies successfully invest in Poland”.

Also Prime Minister Rasmussen talked about economic cooperation between Denmark and Poland. He stressed that Denmark would like to promote this cooperation, as for Denmark Poland was one of the most important partners.

Moreover, the Head of Polish Government met in Copenhagen with the Danish investors.

European policy and security in the region

The talks of the Prime Ministers of Poland and Denmark concerned the EU matters in connection with the Summit to be held in two weeks in Brussels, European policy and the issue of security in the Baltic Sea region.

Poland is in your homes

During the visit to the Kingdom of Denmark, Prime Minister Beata Szydło met with the Compatriots at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Copenhagen. We invite you to come to Poland, to visit Poland, to have the closest possible contact with Poland – she said. Poland is in your homes, Poland is in your hearts. We want to support you, to help you and we want you to know that the Polish state is also your protector – declared the Prime Minister.

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