Prime Minister’s meeting with the Voivodes

The main topics discussed during today’s meeting were the ambulance replacement programme and the implementation of the Local Government Roads Fund.


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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

In cooperation with the state administration - Voivodes, local government units and the Minister of Health - we have prepared 200 ambulances which will make their way to hospitals in late September and early October said the Prime Minister referring to the national project that will increase patient safety and improve the working conditions of emergency medical services.

This program marks the next stage of the emergency medical services reform. Co-financing amounts to PLN 400,000 per ambulance. The programme’s budget in 2019 for this purpose will be almost PLN 80 million.

The Prime Minister went on to point out that we do not shy away from the citizens in our efforts to ensure their needs are met. He added that all Polish people will benefit from the constructive and positive cooperation between the government and the local government units.

As for the Local Government Roads Fund, the Prime Minister pointed out that the government strives to ensure that all roads are well connected and that there is no territorial exclusion.

At today’s meeting the head of the government also addressed the sewage collector malfunction at the “Czajka” sewage treatment plant in Warsaw, stating that a new pontoon bridge would be built to prevent further raw sewage from being poured into the Vistula.

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