Prime Minister’s Expose: let’s believe in Poland’s future

Donald Tusk addressed the Polish Parliament, presenting the programme of his government’s activities for the next 4 years. In his speech, Tusk announced strengthening the discipline of public finance, combating the crisis, continuing the reform of the pension system, and introducing changes to the current tax reliefs.

- I’d like to openly and honestly focus on these tough challenges on which the future of Poland now depends - stressed Donald Tusk.


The Prime Minister reminded that Poland had sailed though the last four years in good shape, whereas the crisis in Europe and in the world had seriously shaken the economies of developed countries. - Tribute should be paid to millions of Poles whose work, efforts, patience and responsibility allowed us all to go safely through this difficult time - the Prime Minister noted.

PM's exposé - part 1 (video: Sejm RP)

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Donald Tusk pointed out that Europe was in the process of profound change, and the direction of that change was far from certain. - What is involved is not only financial and economic change, but also this great vision of common Europe, a vision which is contested in many places today - he stressed. Tusk explained that these changes would require intelligent, decisive and flexible efforts from Poles. - My Government’s intention is to act for the strongest possible standing of Poland in the very centre of the European Union - he added.

According to the Prime Minister, to safely go through another year and ensure stable growth and discipline of public finance, unpopular measures would be necessary, including measures that would required sacrifice and general acceptance. According to the Prime Minister, to protect the less affluent Poles, the cuts made by the Government had to be precisely focused on the areas where privileges, special entitlements and abuse are present. - If we want to repair the public finance system, we cannot cut blindly and indiscriminately, because this will result in dire social and economic consequences - he emphasized. - We have to be strongly determined to protect hard-working Poles and shield them against the cuts which our neighbours in almost all of Europe could not avoid. I’m convinced that these decisions will provide such protection for Poles - said the Prime Minister.

As Donald Tusk noted, the success and future of Poland depended on concerted action of the Government, the President, the Parliament and the agencies which protect financial stability. - This whole-hearted, although very demanding, support from Mr President, who sets ambitious goals, good collaboration between the President, Government, Marshal of the Sejm, Marshal of the Senate, President of the central bank, heads of other agencies which protect public finances, this all is a precondition for Poland to sail through this crisis safety - he stressed.

The Prime Minister thanked the Polish People’s Party (PSL) for once again joining the Civic Platform in establishing a coalition that was secure for Poland. - Now in Poland, we are building a broad political centre for the security of Poles, and not for political ambitions or aspirations - he emphasized. According to Tusk, this political centre had to protect Poland against both right- and left-wing radicalism. - Radicalism which surfaced in such painful manner on 11 November in the streets of Warsaw - he reminded.

The Prime Minister stressed that the national community required shared codes, symbols and common tradition, as well as respect for them. - We don’t have to share the same values in 100 percent. There is no one able to impose this - he noted. - We should also not force Christianize anyone and certainly don’t have to force secularize anyone - he said. The Prime Minister added that the cross should not be used for instrumental ends. - The cross should not be used for battering political opponents as with a club, but also the cross should not be the cause of another political war, here in the Sejm or outside this building - he explained. According to the Prime Minister, the Government and public agencies were not there to carry out a lifestyle revolution. - The State is here to provide Poles with secure and, as far as possible, affluent life - he explained.

According to the Prime Minister, if Poland were to become a strong nation in difficult times, its shared traditions should be dealt with skilfully and shrewdly. - We’ll become really modern once we are able to respect our fundamentals, no matter if it is the cross, memory of John Paul II, national symbols, or the holiday of 11th November - he said. - We have to believe that Poland needs all of us in this room. We have to believe that Poland based on tradition and Poland which believes in its future and modernity, is possible - he stressed.

- This is my request: Let’s do together some of the most important things for Poland. Let’s come to believe in Poland’s future. We do believe - the Prime Minister called on the MPs at the close of his address.

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