Prime Minister: Without that bravery and determination there would be no freedom today

The Head of Government, invited by the President of Radom Radosław Witkowski, the President of “Radomski Czerwiec’ 76” (June 1976) Association Stanisław Kowalski and the President of the Management Board of NSZZ “Solidarność” Region “Ziemia Radomska” (the Radom land) Zdzisław Maszkiewicz, took part in the celebrations of the 43th anniversary of the Radom Protest of Workers in June 1976.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

“It was a stage of the fight for freedom. A stage that left a bloody and significant mark on the Polish road towards freedom,” said the Prime Minister.

He pointed out that despite very brutal repressions and suppression of those protests “nothing was able to stop the Polish fight for freedom”.

“For us, it is a kind of a historical memento. The authorities cannot look down on people. We are trying to side with the weak, with the disadvantaged, with those who work, creating the best possible environment for development,” he highlighted.

“Today, I bow may head to the heroism of those great Poles. To the heroism that was one of the crucial events on our way to full liberty” said the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, thanking the heroes of those events. As he added, “without that bravery and determination there would be no freedom today”.

During the celebrations, “Pro Patria” Medals were awarded to the participants of those events: Janusz Gregorczyk, Wojciech Filo and Ryszard Nowakowski.

Moreover, the Head of Government laid a wreath at the statue of the Presidential Couple Maria and Lech Kaczyńscy and at the monument of June 1976.

The wave of strikes and street demonstrations that took place on 25 June 1976 in Radom, was a significant step towards regaining freedom by Poles. The “Polish months” were an expression of the public protest. After June 1956 in Poznań, March 1968 in Warsaw, December 1970 at the Coast, in June 1976 also Radom fought for dignity and civil and political rights.

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