Prime Minister: We wish to expand the programme for the construction of roofing for football pitches

Public investment is not only limited to road and rail, but also includes sporting infrastructure. These investments have not ceased in spite of the coronavirus epidemic, still serving as an impulse for the country’s economic development, which is of particular importance for maintaining the investment potential and competitiveness of Polish enterprise.

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Financing for sporting objectives from the government budget (Physical Education Development Fund) takes place through programmes launched by the Ministry of Sport, which in 2020 include:

Programme of Investments of Particular Importance for Sport, which aims to develop the base of sports facilities for Polish elite sports, provide appropriate conditions for instruction and training, prepare national teams and hold competitive events.
‘The Sporting Poland – Programme for local sport infrastructure development’ – 2020 edition, directed at supporting the implementation of investment projects for sporting facilities which are publicly available and enable sporting activities across the country.
 Programme for the construction of roofing for football pitches – 2020 pilot edition, the purpose of which is to create conditions for year-round football training and instruction. The programme is part of a wider concept formulated by the government for the development of football in Poland.


Conclusion of the programme for the construction of roofing for football pitches in 2020


12 facilities have received financing from the Physical Education Development Fund as part of the programme for the construction of roofing for football pitches, totalling over PLN 19 million. While creating the Programme, the Ministry of Sport envisaged subsidies for a total amount of PLN 15 million. All applications that met formal and programme requirements received approval, which was the reason behind allocating over PLN 4 million of additional funds. The financing covers two investment variants: roofing for an existing football pitch (7 projects) or construction of a new pitch with roofing (5 projects).

Stemming from past experience of the Ministry of Sport, the cornerstone of the programme is that subsidies from the Physical Education Development Fund effectively encourage investors to develop sporting infrastructure.

Construction of a football pitch in Andrespol

One of the beneficiaries of the Programme is the Municipality of Andrespol (Łódź Voivodeship), visited by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The local council has received more than PLN 2.8 million of co-financing for the construction of a full-size pitch with air-dome roofing.

At the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre in Wiśniowa Góra, where the investment is to be implemented, the Head of Government put a spotlight on the essence of investing in sporting infrastructure all over the country, as opposed to sticking to major cities only. ‘You can be a brilliant player and come from a small town. This is what I wish for such towns as this,’ he said.

The Prime Minister remarked that it was at such football pitches that Polish talents – future national team and club players – grew. These talents include Kuba Błaszczykowski, hailing from Turkolasy. The Prime Minister also pointed out that the pitch would be used not only by residents of Andrespol, but also inhabitants of the entire poviat.

‘We focus on sport, which is the cradle of good upbringing, shaping of character, and fortitude,’ he continued.


Development of sporting infrastructure

Modern sporting facilities are, first and foremost, conducive to the development of talent, which is why the government allocated close to PLN 2.3 billion in total for the development of sporting infrastructure over the course of four years (2016-2019). This amount made it possible to carry out the construction, reconstruction and renovation of more than 6000 sporting facilities in entire Poland. The Ministry of Sport’s budget for the development of sporting infrastructure all across Poland in 2020 is slightly over PLN 516 million.

The development of sporting infrastructure is one of the government’s top priorities. A good sporting base generates appropriate conditions for active leisure, constitutes an important element of preventive healthcare and fosters positive social attitudes through sports competitions.

In 2020, as far as sporting infrastructure is concerned, we will put emphasis on supporting those investments which meet the needs of society (in terms of general sport) and athletes (in terms of professional sport) to the greatest extent.

We continue our flagship infrastructural programmes, i.e. Sporting Poland – Programme for local sport infrastructure development and the Programme of Investments of Particular Importance for Sport.

Back to normal in sports

The coronavirus epidemic also limited the operations of sporting facilities. On 4 May, open-air sporting facilities, including school playgrounds and multifunctional fields (Orlik facilities), were made available in a move to gradually lift the restrictions. Certain safety rules must be followed in order to use the sports infrastructure, e.g.:

maintaining social distance,
covering your face (upon reaching a given sport facility; it is not mandatory to cover your face e.g. while on a pitch)
limited number of people
verification of participants (people entering a facility must be reported to its manager)
no access to changing rooms and sanitary units (except for toilets)
disinfection of equipment after each use and each group,
mandatory disinfection of hands for individuals entering and leaving the facility,
using your own sports equipment or disinfecting it after each use.



Once implemented, the investment made by the Municipality of Andrespol will enable 200 children from the Andrespolia Football Academy to train all year round. Children from nearby municipalities and ca. 80 students from the local school will also be allowed to take advantage of the facility.

This is yet another investment by the Municipality of Andrespol subsidised through the infrastructural Programmes of the Ministry of Sport. Since 2016, the following tasks have been carried out through financing from the Physical Education Development Fund:

expansion of the skatepark (2016) – PLN 114,900.00
modernisation of the gym (2016) – PLN 74,600.00
construction of a multifunctional sports field, volleyball court and long jump runway at the Primary School (2017) – PLN 192,700.00

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