Prime Minister: We want to improve the safety of police officers. They take care of the safety of Polish citizens

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister of the Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński informed about the plans to enhance the safety of police officers on duty. Sentences for offences against police officers will be tightened. It is connected with the detention of two men suspected of assaulting policemen. They can be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

As Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasised, the government aims at improving procedures which will ensure more safety for police officers on duty. “The Polish state has your back,” he stressed. He added that all citizens are grateful to police for their courage and readiness to serve others. “Government will make every effort to boost your safety,” he promised.



Introducing more severe sentences for offences against police officers



Head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration (MSWiA) Mariusz Kamiński declared that by the end of this month he will present to Prime Minister a bill introducing more severe sentences for offences against police officers. These offences involve violation of their bodily integrity, assault on police officers and insults. Under the bill, courts will pronounce additional fines for these offences. “It will be a severe punishment aimed to deter prospective criminals,” Mariusz Kamiński said.


Assault on policemen in Jaworzyna Śląska commune


On 12 September a police patrol from Świdnica was called for an intervention in Pastuchów in the Jaworzyna Śląska commune. The call was made as a result of battery against one of the residents of the village. During the intervention, the police officers were assaulted by two men.



A film recorded during the occurrence shows the aggression and brutality of the assaulters. One of them was arrested during the intervention, the other one – shortly afterwards. Both arrested men were under the influence of alcohol. They have been placed in detention for 3 months and can be sentenced to 10 years in prison. 



Record-breaking confidence in the police


Thanks to the professionalism with which police officers perform their duties, police in Poland enjoys a high level of public confidence. According to the Polish Public Opinion Research Centre (CBOS), 80% respondents consider the police to be good at their job. According to CBOS, it is the best result in the history of the survey.

By maintaining public order and safety police officers fulfil their statutory obligation. Their task is to ensure safety for all citizens, regardless of their views or political beliefs. There are ca. 100 thousand officers in the Polish police force

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