Prime Minister: we support young Polish players

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited the Lech Poznań Football Academy in Wronki. These are the places where young football novices train under the guidance of the best coaches. Thanks to the government funding, there will be a Research and Development Centre in Wronki. It will not be a typical infrastructural sports investment, but a sports laboratory. The estimated cost of construction of the facility will amount to approximately PLN 47 million.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

The Polish young people need support through the sporting infrastructure, just as the best attacker needs a halfback said the Head of Government.

One of the best laboratories in Europe will be granted PLN 20 million

In 2020, the Physical Culture Association "Kolejorz" received nearly PLN 20 million subsidies from the Physical Culture Development Fund as part of the Programme of Investments of Particular Importance for Sport for the construction of the Research and Development Centre. It will not be a typical investment in the construction of a football pitch or a roofing, but an integrated centre combining research, science and development functions.

While building the power of football, we must be able to compete with the best. We will have one of the best laboratories in Europe in this area indicated the Prime Minister.

Football development

The subsidy is an element of the Government's concept for the development of football in Poland under the name "Plan for football". It is also a part of this year's new pilot Programme for the construction of roofing for football pitches, in which 12 facilities from all over Poland were granted co-financing in the amount of PLN 19 million. The “Kolejorz” Association received more than PLN 1.3 million from this programme to install a pneumatic hall coating over the synthetic grass training ground in Popowo.

Investments in the sports infrastructure of Lech Poznań were also co-financed in previous years. In 2017, the amount of over PLN 900 thousand was allocated to the construction of the pneumatic roofing of a football pitch at ul. Bułgarska in Poznań. Meanwhile, in 2016 over PLN 1.1 million was allocated for the modernisation of the football pitch in Popowo.

More than PLN 2.3 billion for development of sports infrastructure

The development of sports infrastructure is one of the Government's priorities. In 2016-2019, nearly PLN 2.3 billion was allocated for this purpose. It will make it possible to build, reconstruct or renovate over 6 thousand of sports facilities throughout Poland. In 2020, the budget of the Ministry of Sport for the development of sports infrastructure amounts to over PLN 516 million.

Competitive and common sports

The Government's activities are aimed at supporting such investments which meet both the needs of society and players. Government infrastructure programmes such as the local sports infrastructure development programme “Sportowa Polska” and  the Programme of Investments of Particular Importance for Sport are continued. In 2020, a new pilot Programme for the construction of roofing for football pitches was implemented, the aim of which is to create conditions for year-round training and football practice.

In this year's edition of the Government Program "KLUB", almost 5 thousand sports clubs were granted support from the state budget in the total amount of over PLN 54 million.

The amount of PLN 35 million constitutes the highest budget in the history dedicated to the promotion of a specific sports discipline, namely football, among the youngest, implemented under the Football Academies Certification Programme. It will provide support to nearly 600 football academies training children and young people throughout Poland. These funds will be used by over 57 thousand participants and over 3.7 thousand coaches all over Poland.

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