Prime Minister: We react and keep the public updated on an ongoing basis

In the face of coronavirus, Polish society should be and is united. Government or local government, left or right wing - we are all acting together and in agreement - wrote the head of the government on TT after the meeting with mayors and voivodeship marshals.

Minister Michał Dworczyk podczas wypowiedzi dla mediów.
Fot. Krystian Maj / KPRM

As he informed, the priority is to protect the Polish economy, citizens' health and secure the normal functioning of state institutions. He recalled that "the history of Poland teaches one thing - when divided, we are vulnerable to external threats, but united in a common fight we have always succeeded in all the challenges we have faced as a nation".

Minister Michał Dworczyk, summing up the meeting, stressed that it was a good, substantive conversation. It concerned, in particular, assistance to the elderly who are under quarantine. He also informed that local government authorities were provided with information on the latest decisions concerning, for instance, suspension of all educational institutions or a ban on organising mass events.

In the fight against coronavirus, the government has already allocated over PLN 470 million. There will also be talks with local government authorities once a week in the form of a video conference.