Prime Minister: We maintained investment attractiveness even during the coronavirus.

The fourth meeting of the Executive Council for the Programme for Silesia was held in Katowice, during which head of government Mateusz Morawiecki took over Council’s presidency and announced new innovative investments in the region together with measures aimed to attract investors. “Work in Silesia is particularly important so work for Silesia should also be so,” said the Prime Minister.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

Silesian investments worth billions of PLN

A total value of all investments planned under the Programme for Silesia is approx. PLN 62 billion, of which 58 billion and 22 billion are funds committed and funds contracted respectively. These funds are for investments in the energy sector, development of cities and towns, and innovation.

The list of investments under the Programme is still open. New financing sources are being sought, while more investment plans are being added.

Silesia is a very attractive region for investors. This is reflected by the Hyland Software R&D Centre, the construction of which was announced by the Prime Minister. It is an investment that will create new jobs and contribute to economic growth.

New actions aimed to develop the region

Katowice was the heart of discussions about large investment projects, which will help the economy overcome the crisis related to the coronavirus pandemic and start new investments.

The Prime Minister announced that energy transition is of particular importance for Silesia and entire Poland and has become a priority for the Council and the government. Negotiations on the new EU financial perspective provide an opportunity to obtain financial resources for this transition.

Investments mean new jobs

Investments carried out under the Programme for Silesia have an enormous growth potential for the region, which also entail new jobs.

”I promise very close cooperation with academic centres,” stressed the head of government. He pointed to how important it is for young people living in Silesia to receive education at Silesian universities and develop innovative solutions. In addition, he indicated how important it is for Silesia to become the best possible region to work in.

Programme for Silesia as the foundation for development

Announced in 2017, the Programme for Silesia is one of the key strategic projects implemented under the Responsible Development Strategy adopted by the Council of Ministers.

The objective of the Programme is to introduce a change in the economic profile of the region by gradually replacing the mining and metallurgy sectors with new undertakings, especially in innovative and technologically advanced sectors.

The institution supervising its implementation is the Executive Council established in April 2019. So far, four meetings of the Council have been held, the last one on 5 June by videoconference.

The Programme for Silesia is one of the government priorities. Taking over Council’s presidency by the President of the Council of Minister corresponds to ambitious goals to implement it.

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