Prime Minister: “We are a country of economic success”

We thrive thanks to Polish entrepreneurs and the actions taken by the Polish state, which promotes Polish industry and Polish exports the head of the government said during Congress 590 in Rzeszów.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

The Congress provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences of Polish specialists in business, science, politics and legislation, at which experts from various fields set new directions of development and a common concept of work on Poland’s economic growth.

During the Congress, the Prime Minister attended a plenary session and met with entrepreneurs, where he stressed that it was thanks to their actions that the productivity of Poland was on the rise. We must give local entrepreneurs a chance. “This is our policy, our philosophy he pointed out.

Mateusz Morawiecki stated that the efficiency of state institutions and the tax system, as well as support for Polish capital, are the backbone of our economic policy.

During his speech, the Prime Minister also pointed to the fact that the Polish welfare state model offers higher wages, faster growth of minimum wage, reliefs for small businesses and lower taxes. He added that building Polish capital is of great importance. We will support Polish entrepreneurs he declared.

According to the head of the government, Poland is showing that it is possible to be successful and at the same time pursue a robust social policy. A strong economy responds to the aspirations of talented and ambitious people. It is also intended to provide support for those who need it the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister expressed hope that from the regulatory, financial and social perspective, the entire economic system will be built in such a way that it will serve well not only us but also, and above all, the future generations.

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