Prime Minister: This project is a chance for a better future for young people

At the 83rd Sejm sitting, the Head of the Government called for unanimous approval of the zero PIT project targeting people under 26. The project envisages that taxpayers meeting the age criterion and whose income does not exceed PLN 85.5 thousand will be exempt from PIT. More than 2 million young workers will benefit from this exemption.


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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

Young people should wish to stay in Poland and it is our duty to encourage it. At the same time, it is in the Polish national interest said the Head of the Government. As he mentioned, it is one of the major projects and a great investment in young people. This year, the Polish government intends to allocate approximately PLN 1 billion for this purpose, and at least PLN 2.5 billion next year.

The Prime Minister stated that the project aims to improve the opportunities and prospects of young people on the labour market. To ensure that the opportunities of young Poles are similar to those of their peers in the West. As he said, young people face more difficulties in the labour market, and pursuing their careers requires raising funds for rent or instalments for their homes. ‘It is expensive, we wish to help young people, even if just a little bit. The project responds to these needs he concluded.

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