Prime Minister: State budget for 2020 without deficit – for the first time for 30 years

Increase in state budget revenue from VAT, increased funds for health care, national defence and social policy are the main objectives of the draft budgetary act for the coming year adopted by the Council of Ministers.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The balanced budget presented today will serve well economic and social purposes said the Prime Minister. He highlighted that the government gives priority to fields which are important to Poles. In the next-year budget, the expenditure for healthcare will reach over 5% of GDP, and the funds for social purposes will be increased, amounting to PLN 66 million.

The Prime Minister pointed out that at the same time the government reduces taxes. He recalled e.g. the reduction of CIT from 15 to 9% or introduction of low ZUS contributions for those with lower revenues. He also highlighted that the government manages public finances in a responsible way. As a result, Poland has one of the lowest public debt / GDP ratio in a ranking of 28 European countries.

Maintaining public finances stability while supporting economic growth and the implementation of activities concerning social and economic policy, including in particular activities in the framework of the ambitious family policy, remains the government’s priority. The elements planned in the draft budgetary act for 2020 are e.g.: revenues – PLN 429.5 billion, expenditure – PLN 429.5 billion, increase of GDP equal to 3.7%, increase of an average annual wage fund in the national economy and of pensions benefits equal to 6.3%.

Balanced budget draft will allow us to be sure that Poland is on the right economic track concluded Mateusz Morawiecki.

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