Prime Minister speaking to the soldiers of the Territorial Defense Force: Your service turned out to be a great support and help for the entire Polish society

The Prime Minister met the soldiers of the Tadeusz Puszczyński “Konrad Wawelberg” 13th  Silesian Territorial Defence Brigade in Katowice. He thanked them for their daily service. The support they provide during the pandemic is appreciated by local communities. The soldiers of this Formation take swabs, provide equipment and look after nursing homes. So far, the soldiers of the 13th Silesian Territorial Defence Brigade have taken nearly 50,000 swabs

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“Many richer countries have experienced health service failures; people were often disconnected from ventilators. The fact that such a situation did not happen here is a matter of great organisation and dedication on the part of medical, sanitary and uniformed services”, said the Prime Minister. As he added, the local TDF brigade contributed to the fact that we had as much control over Silesia as we could at the moment of a rapid spread of virus.


"We have found out that times of peace are not always times of peace," continued the head of the government, expressing his gratitude for the good coordination of the work of medical, sanitary and uniformed services. "Thanks to this cooperation today we are in a different place than richer countries", he emphasised.


Support of TDF during the fight against COVID-19


During the coronavirus epidemic, soldiers of the Territorial Defence Forces perform many tasks. They helped the medical, sanitary, Police and Border Guard services from the beginning of the pandemic, after the first case of coronavirus infection was confirmed in our country. It includes the support of over 600 combatants of the Home Army and independence organisations, for example by shopping or delivering drugs.


Territorial Defence Force soldiers also supported Municipal Social Welfare Centres. They participated in the activities at the state borders, where controls were reintroduced to prevent the spread of the pandemic, and also carried out their tasks at the airports in order to ensure safe return of citizens to the country during the "LOT do domu" (“FLIGHT back home”) operation.



"Resilient Spring" Operation


Territorials were also engaged in the “Resilient Spring” operation. It included providing aid to local governments in the scope of delivering food and medicines to people who need help due to quarantine, old age or disability. At the request of the Minister of National Defence, the Territorial Defence Force also launched a special, 24-hour and free of charge hotline at the telephone number 800 100 102, with psychological support for people in a crisis related to quarantine or COVID-19 treatment.


Territorial Defence Force

It is the fifth military branch of the Polish Armed Forces following Land Forces, Air Forces, Navy and Special Forces. It was created on 1 January 2017.

The mission of TDF is to defend and support local communities. In peacetime, the Formation offers support in crisis management operations, including preventing and removing the effects of natural disasters. During wartime – its task is to cooperate with operational troops.

Currently, the Formation is in one of the most dynamic periods of its construction. Territorials are trained as part of thirteen territorial defence brigades in twelve voivodships. In the near future, it is planned to further expand the formation within the so-called "western wall".

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