Prime Minister: Security is priceless

The head of government participated in the approval of a new National Security Strategy of the Republic of Poland by President Andrzej Duda. The strategy is a fundamental public document on security and defence.

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”Security is priceless and constitutes the foundation upon which the society is built,” emphasised Mateusz Morawiecki. He added that all contemporary challenges, including those related to the epidemic hazard, must be properly included in documents and real measures. ”The new strategy will serve as a basis for the preparation of appropriate acts in order to ensure the security of our country,” said the head of government.


The Prime Minister stressed that the adoption of the document is a result of excellent cooperation between the government, the President, and the National Security Bureau.


The National Security Strategy of the Republic of Poland provides for the preparation and adoption of the Act on National Management and Security, which will establish a hierarchy of strategic and planning documents related to national security. It concerns political, military, social, energy, and social issues, including climatic risks. The President’s signature renders the 2014 National Security Strategy ineffective.


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