Prime Minister: Polish Aviation Group – the owner of LOT – to take over German leisure airline Condor

The head of Polish government and Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin gave a statement on the acquisition of Condor, the most popular leisure airline in Germany, by the Polish Aviation Group.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

The effective expansion of our companies into foreign markets reflects the strength and momentum of the Polish economy emphasised the Prime Minister. We continue to prove that becoming a developed economy is no coincidence he added.

The head of Polish government recalled that LOT was to be closed down just several years ago. Meanwhile, the Polish airline has increased the number of passengers from 4 million to almost 11 million since 2015. ”It is a remarkable growth,” pointed out Mateusz Morawiecki.

He stressed that until now it was Polish assets that were taken over by foreign companies. We have turned the tables. Now, it is our products that penetrate Western European markets. We are interested in foreign companies and we can pay for them emphasised the head of Polish government.

Jacek Sasin, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of State Assets, put emphasis on the fact that Condor has a 22% share in the German charter airline market, which is the largest European market. Condor has a fleet of approx. 60 aircraft, transports almost 10 million passengers a year, and flies to 90 destinations from German airports, which will offer extensive development opportunities for our airline pointed out the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Polish Aviation Group is a leading aviation entity in Central and Eastern Europe. It owns several companies, including LOT Polish Airlines, which is one of the oldest and fastest-growing carriers in Europe that has two rapidly expanding hubs in Warsaw and Budapest.

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