Prime Minister: Poland needs great development programmes

The economy is built through huge investments that we will not resign from. We implement them thanks to the cooperation of government with President Andrzej Duda. We do everything not only to protect but also to create jobs. For the first purpose, support is provided through the Anti-Crisis Shield and the Financial Shield, and for the second one - through public investments.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

Solidarity Transport Hub Poland

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki jointly with President Andrzej Duda presented the investment of Solidarity Transport Hub Poland (CPK) as the most important tool in combating the economic crisis.

CPK together with railway lines and new roads are a great opportunity for the development of the whole of Poland and attracting foreign and domestic investments. This is a great opportunity to create a great economic zone said the Prime Minister.

What about big investments during the coronavirus pandemic? These investments need to be continued stressed President Andrzej Duda.

CPK means new jobs

The investment is a great opportunity for the development of Polish companies. It is estimated that the implementation of the investment will create approx. 150 thousand jobs, including 40,000 at the airport itself and 110,000 within the sectors of the economy related to it, including tourist, hotel, development, trade and service industries, as well as in logistics.

The Solidarity Transport Hub Poland is the largest infrastructure undertaking which means a powerful impulse for the economy, the labour market and economic growth. The transfer hub between Warsaw and Łódź will integrate air, rail and road transport. It is estimated that in the first stage the annual capacity of the Solidarity Szczecin-Goleniow Airport within CPK will be 400-450 thousand air operations and 45 million passengers per year.

Better and faster connections throughout Poland

CPK is primarily a transport system that will cover the entire country - all 16 voivodships. 1,800 km of new railway lines will be built, including high-speed rail lines and 400 km of new clearway. It will ensure the time of travel from Warsaw to the largest Polish cities of 2.5 hours. The ride from the centre of Warsaw to CPK will take 15 minutes. It is an investment that will increase the quality of life of all Poles.

The construction of CPK is planned for 2020-2034. The first stage of CPK will be launched in the second half of this decade.

Great Polish investments

Large investment projects are building Polish economy. We are ambitious as a nation, therefore, thanks to cooperation we are implementing the best projects which will enable us to rebuild the strength of our economy. Thanks to the investments in infrastructure, we compensate for differences that occur between regions and we care about sustainable development.

In addition to the Solidarity Transport Hub Poland, we implement other important public investments, such as the Vistula Spit dug-through and construction of the water barrage in Malczyce.

Numerous road investments are also carried out thanks to the support from the Local Road Fund.

The government perceives these public investments comprehensively and over the long term. They are a flywheel of the Polish economy. Thanks to them, we stimulate economic growth, protect jobs and help Polish companies survive. This is particularly important now when we are dealing with the economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.

The introduction of financial support prepared by the government under the assistance instruments of the Anti-Crisis Shield and the Financial Shield as well as other government investment programmes were very helpful in this process.

Over PLN 15.26 billion has already been paid out as part of the Anti-Crisis Shield. However, over 222 thousand companies employing nearly 2.16 million people received the support from the Financial Shield in the amount of more than PLN 42.2 billion.

EU funds for Polish investments

Financial resources for large Polish investments will also be based on funds from the EU budget. The European Union Reconstruction Fund, in conjunction with the multi-annual EU budget for 2021-2027, will primarily support infrastructure projects. Poland will probably be one of the main beneficiaries of additional EU funds.

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