Prime Minister on the programme for sports clubs

The ”Club” Government Programme is an innovative model of direct support for small- and medium-sized sports clubs. This year saw a record-breaking budget of over PLN 54 million for its implementation so that the support can be provided for as many clubs as possible.

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Photo: Krystian Maj / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland

”Sport is not only about physical strength but also about mental values, behaviour, and discipline. It is something that we hold dear,” said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who visited Towarzystwo Sportowe ”Gwarek” in Tarnowskie Góry together with Minister of Sport Danuta Dmowska-Andrzejuk.

That is why the government counts on sport. Under this year’s programme edition, all clubs that requested support and met formal requirements will receive financing.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Sport emphasised that one of the priorities of the country was to provide support for recreational sport under the “Club” Programme.

The head of government also thanked sports officials, coaches, and parents who get involved in the sporting life. He added that ”through sport, we will have a better chance to help young Poles enter the adult life”.


Financing sports clubs under the ”Club” Programme

In this programme edition, 4,894 small- and medium-sized sports clubs from around Poland will receive PLN 54 million.

The amount to be received under the ”Club” Government Programme is:

  • PLN 10,000 for single-sport clubs,
  • PLN 15,000 for multi-sport clubs.

In the basic financing model, the funds can be spent on:

  • remuneration of coaches,
  • organisation of sports camps,
  • purchase of sports equipment.

In 2020, clubs can also spend all funds to support the work of coaches.

”Club” Government Programme in Silesia

Over PLN 22.7 million were allocated to Silesian clubs from the government programme in 2016-2020. In 2020, 585 small- and medium-sized sports clubs will receive PLN 6.5 million.

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