Prime Minister on the new technology CeBIT 2013 fair

Donald Tusk with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the international new technology CeBIT fair in Hannover. This year Poland is the strategic partner of the fair.

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Maciej Śmiarowski/KPRM

 ‘Polish Information and Communications Technology still remains a treasure, somewhat undiscovered by the Europe and the world’, said the Prime Minister.  ‘Those who will be first to discover it, that is investors, customers, service providers, business partners, will make the biggest profit. I wish such quick reflexes to all our partners', said the Head of the Polish government.

According to the Prime Minister, those who feel responsible for their fellow citizens cannot forget that every civilisation development and technological breakthrough is also connected with risks.  We have to remember that new technologies cannot be used against the man and must be used for the benefit of friendship between people and nations. May they never become an instrument of the state's oppression of its citizens or one country’s oppression of another', he said.

Donald Tusk z Angelą Merkel przed inauguracją targów CeBIT 2013

Prime Minister Donald Tusk opened the Polish stand

 ‘Polish Information and Communications Technology is one of greatest hopes of the Polish economy’, said Prime Minister Tusk, opening the Polish stand with Chancellor Merkel on Tuesday morning.
 It is the people who are the people the driving force of the Polish ICT industry: young graduates of universities and representatives of new companies that want to be globally competitive', stressed Angela Merkel.

The heads of the Polish and the German governments visited Polish stands, where they saw, among others:

  • The world’s fastest CPU. Digital Core Design company presented its DQ80251 processor by the end of last year. Due to innovative solutions its computer performance is over 50 times faster than of standard developed by Intel or other competitive solutions. The processor performs more operations in shorter time with lower use of energy.
  • DICE+ cube with which they played ‘Mensch ärgere Dich nicht’ on a tablet. DICE+ looks like an ordinary die, but is used for electronic games. DICE+ connects with a game by Bluetooth and the game board can be a TV-set, tablet, notebook or smartphone.

  • An infrared detector. The Mars mission of the Curiosity rover is composed also of elements produced by the Polish VIGO System company, which is the world leader in the field of photonics.

It is estimated that 350 Polish companies participate in the fair. The Hannover fair is one of the biggest meeting points for the representatives of the ICT sector in the world. Since 1986 it has been a tool for finding new business contacts and a trigger for the industry development. Each year it attracts, thousands of visitors from all over the world.

In 2012 approximately 312 thousand people visited stands of over 4.2 thousand exhibitors from 70 countries.

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