Prime Minister on accepting refugees: Poles also were helped out in the past

On Friday evening, 158 refugees from Syria arrived in Poland. Furthermore, our country has provisionally declared the willingness to admit two thousand refugees as part of the EU resettlement programmes.

Photo: Archive of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister

First refugees already in Poland

On Friday and Saturday night, a plane with 158 Syrians arrived in Warsaw. There are 12 children among them. Majority of them come from Damascus and other Syrian cities. The institution which wanted to bring the prosecuted Christian families from Syria was Estera Foundation. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Office for Foreigners supported the Foundation in completing all necessary procedures.  

This is the meaning of the word “Solidarity”

The two thousand refugees that Poland has declared to admit as part of the EU resettlement (from third countries) and relocation (already within the EU territory) programmes are mainly citizens of Syria and Eritrea. The final decision on the number of people who will arrive in Poland will be taken at the end of July.

The head of the government called for sensitivity to the situation in which the refugees are, and pointed out that also Poles were helped out in the past.

When we needed help, the West helped us. Today, when others need help, we should do it as fast, professionally and responsibly as we can. This is the meaning of the word “solidarity” - the head of the government pointed out.

People evacuated from Donbas thank Poland

The head of the government mentioned the people evacuated to Poland from the war-affected Donbas in Ukraine. Today they have their flats, jobs and intend to stay in Poland.

They are really grateful to Poles for the hospitality and sympathetic attitude they experienced. They say: we thank Poles very, very much for the kindness they offered to us, as without it we don’t know, if we would be still alive - the prime minister added.

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